Sunday, September 30, 2007

You'd Think They'd Make It Easier

So, Calgary Municipal Election coming up. The radio, city website, and flyer in the mail are all very informative as to who can vote, and what to bring to the polls, and where the polls are, yet they tell you nothing about the different candidates.
Oh yes, there is a list of names. Everyone who is running was listed in the flyer. Yet there was nothing about where they stood on certain issues and their promises and all that. Not only is it not in the information packet, it's impossible to find online. I've tried google, facebook, the government website; nothing. The least they could do is provide me with their individual websites.
For a democracy, and one that is trying to increase voter turnout, you'd think they's make it a little easier to find such info.


Josh said...

They can't provide that information in the brochure because they have to be non partisan. What I did was people names and try and find their websites, some did and some didn't.

queenofthepierealm said...

Yes, but if they want people to make an informed decision about voting, you'd think they'd make the info more readily available. Voter turnout is pathetic enough as it is.

somebody said...