Friday, September 14, 2007

We're Strange Folk

As I complete my second week of classes, I am realizing some peculiar habits that pop up in journalists. Here are just a few.
1. When a hurricane, or a man with a gun appears and starts wrecking havoc, normal people think; "Good heavens, danger run away." While journalists think; "Awesome! An exclusive, this will make my career." (That is, if I survive)
3. When normal people meet a nice old lady while meandering down an unknown street, they generally forget it. Journalists, write down her name, address and phone number in case something cool or newsworthy ever happens on that unknown street. Or, if they are ever craving fresh baked apple pie.
4. It is considered perfectly ordinary for a journalist to go to work, parties, and the grocery store carrying a pen and paper, camera, and recording device. With other people that's just creepy.
5. When you are a journalist and you do not read 3 newspapers a day, the Times and The New Yorker, you are an oddity.
6. If you are a journalist who reads the Lifestyle section instead of the Business, you are the equivalent of a little girl with pigtails who plays jump rope and hopscotch all day.
7. You look on cute, furry, little animals as the best marketing ploy ever to get people to read your magazine.
8. To a journalist, blogging is the spawn of Satan. (whoops.)
9. To a journalist, natural disasters, political upheavals, and mass death and destruction are the greatest things since sliced bread.
10. When normal people fear rejection and being rude, journalists feel nothing. The title; "reporter" is basically just an excuse to be obnoxious.
The road of a journalist is a very diverse, winding road, and even then you get off it regularly to get whatever scoop you can. Fun, fun.