Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Murr Quotes

I told you this list would continue.
"White males have had it too good for too long."
"When in doubt, write it out."
"There's the average citizens of this world, and then there's prof-essss-ional writers."
"A MAN IS DEAD. He is actively dead."
"All I'm looking for is a 'Hey Mabel.'"
"This is a course where the less you do, the higher your mark is."
"A two-shot is when there's two people in the shot. No, babies don't count. If they're holding a baby it's a 1 and a hlaf shot."
"Any questions on that? I can't remember the point so I'll move on."
Nope, no explanation. I'm posting this just for my own personal amusement.

I'm a Journalism Major, I Have No Life

Yes, it has been a while. A long while. But, in my defense, I have no life. So.....
The thing about my program is that you take 6 courses a semester, and a lot of those courses are very time consuming. It's not like normal people, who can just whip up an essay at 3 in the morning. No, you have to interview people, and shoot video, and take pictures. Such homework cannot be done in the middle of the night.
So all you people who complain about your whole 4 coourses, I have no sympathy for you.