Monday, September 17, 2007

A Totally Pointless Venture

We all already know that I live in the middle of no where. Or, if you've read my previous blogs, I'm sure I've griped about it enough. My stuck-in-the-boonie-ness is made even worse by the fact that I go to school on the far other side of the city. On a good day, when I get caught in no traffic, I can make it there in half an hour.
With this in mind, you can imagine my despair when I realized I'd forgotten an assignment while driving to school this morning. I most certainly did not have time to drive home then, I was cutting it close as it was, so instead I decided that I would drive home in the hour and a half break I had between classes.
I headed out of my first class in a hurry, even with an extra half hour, I didn't want to take any chances; things have a habit of going horribly wrong when you're in a hurry. Fortunetely, I made home and back in plenty of time, it cost me a quarter of a tank of gas, but what can you do?
Then, I got back to school, flushed and ready for Computer Science with my assignment in hand. Upon arriving in class, my prof benevolently announced that we would discuss the assignment, (which was an opinion piece) and then he asked us to post our thoughts on the discussion he was opening on blackboard for next class. WHAT???????????????????????? HE WASN'T TAKING IT IN? I almost wanted to insist that he take it, but begrudgingly I left class with my precious assignment still in my bag. Profs don't know what they want! One hour of driving, a quarter tank, all for nothing. ARGGGHHHHHHHHH!