Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In Loving Memory of Muffin

Muffin the beta fish, died suddenly on the evening of Thursday, September 6 of natural causes. Muffin was a most beloved pet, and had a sparkling personality. He is survived by his owner, Elena Redd, who walked in to her room late on Thursday night to find her beloved Muffin floating belly up in murky water. His death, though sudden, was not unexpected, as Muffin was a rather old fish.
The service held was small and simple, taking place in Elena's bathroom. With a set face she saw her Muffin off and back to his natural habitat through the drain. Or at least, the Bow River; which is close enough.
Muffin came into the world of his loving owner just a year ago. After the tragic loss of her beloved Bjorn; with whom she shared joint custody with Kylie Attfield, and who also resided in the pairs high school locker- Elena and Kylie went their separate ways and bought new fish apart. As Elena walked up and down the Petland aisle, she recalls Muffin immediately catching her eye. Not only because of his bright red exterior, but also because of his liveliness as he swam around his tiny cup. After taking him home, he was named; Muffin because people name their cats Muffin so why not a fish?
Muffin lived a very adventurous life. It kickstarted when he was taken with his owner to Bowness High School as an English project for the film, "Big Fish." He and Elena received a perfect grade, and after an excursion to Mr. Ricard's math class (where he was naturally the life of the party) and a wild ride home in the clutches of Emily Wilmot, Muffin was returned to his regular routine of sitting on Elena's desk and eating fish food.
Muffin was a very loving, patient fish. He was very understanding of the numerous times Elena forgot to feed him, and he always co-operated when he was scooped out of his home and into a measuring cup for cleaning (at least, after a fight). He was also very good with children. Every time Elena's ibbi would come to Calgary they would watch him with delight and awe as he flitted around his bowl. Muffin brought joy to all who knew him.
Muffin, you will always be missed love Elena, Emily, Ivy, Blake, and Ben