Saturday, November 17, 2007

Communication "Professionals"

I have this mock press conference thingy coming up on Monday. We're meeting with the second year PR students and doing a pretend press meeting.
So anyways, our prof told us that each group would meet with their PR group at various times through the week. My group was told 8:30 AM on Thursday. That was annoying enough in itself because I have no classes on Thursday, but it was made even more annoying by the fact that the PR people didn't show. I'd driven all the way to school on the early side, on a day I ususally hang out in my pajamas all day, for nothing.
It was okay though, I ended up getting a lot done at school as I stayed to make the trip worth my while.
But it gets better. Thursday night, one of our PR's sends us an e-mail asking if we can meet the next day. Only two fo us checked our e-mail in time, so only two of us showed up. What we discovered is that the PR students had not heard about our planned meeting until later that day in class.
Such admirable work by Mount Royal College's Communications Department. Don't you think?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Why is it Always Leo?

I have my history midterm this afternoon, and I'm tryiing to study. It's a lot of remembering names, and events that all have really silly names. My main worry is that I will spell them wrong. I generally know what happens, it's just the stupid names. I know that Henry the III (?) organized a big meeting during the investiture controversy to get rid of the whole 3 popes thing, and he appointed his cousin to be the pope, but I can't remember the things like, the meeting was called the Synod of Sutri, and his cousin's name was Bruno of Toul, but he changed it to Pope Leo IX.
And that's another thing, why do they all have to have the same name? It is hard enough trying to remember which pope did what without worrying about if you got the number right. Everyone is named either Leo, or Henry, or Charles, or William. What was wrong with medeival mothers? Obviously they lacked imagination when naming their kids. Did they not realize how hard they were making it for future students trying not to get the Leo who reformed the church with his own ecclesiaticals mixed up with the one who threw himself at Charlesmagne's feet 200 years earlier mixed up? Geez.