Monday, September 24, 2007

I'd Rather be Doing....

1. Making supper, with cheese.
2. Working on my storytelling assignment for Wednesday.
3. Picking up my holds at the library so I can read them.
4. Finishing cleaning the office for tomorrow.
5. Planning the food for GBJ/HEBE.
6. Wasting time watching trailers on
7.Talking to people instead of sitting by myself.
8. Figuring out how to check the voicemail on my cell phone.
9. Eating something yummy, like pie. All I've got is water.
10. Driving home listening to Michael Buble.
11. Discussing the Belgariad with my little brother.
12. Sleeping!
13.Watching how i met your mother, or Heroes.
14. Going to institute and listening to Bro. Mandin be witty.
15. Spending my days outside in the sunshine instead of a number of windowless classrooms.
16. Actually having sunshine to sit in.
17. Working on one of my novels, and having them pan out.
18. Playing with my camera.
19. Baking. I have the sudden urge to make cookies. or muffins.
20. Having something intersting to blog about.
21. Playing with my ibbi inn Edmonton.
22. Knitting, and finishing a project.
23. Yoga.
24. Watching my little brother play football. Inspite of the fact that a) I do not understand the game of football, and b) It's always freezing at football games.
25.Watching teenie boppers!
26. Discussing various intersting life moments with Janine.
27. A sudoku puzzle.
28. Being in History, instead of just sitting waiting for it to start. Stupid long breaks.
29. Having an assignment to work on instead of sitting here, blogging.
Why, oh why did they have to let us out of computer Science an hour early?