Friday, September 21, 2007

Who Wants to be Guilty?

We all have our little guilty pleasures; things we secretly love that we don't want other people to know we like. But why do they have to be "guilty" pleasures? Why can't they just be pleasures? Here's mine;
I love teenie boppers. I know they are always lame and poor quality, but I absolutely love teenie boppers. Tonight, I went to a movie with my mom. She's someone I can always watch teenie boppers with because she likes them, and I feel comfortable admitting I want to see them around her. Tonight we went to "Sydney White," a modern version of Snow White. It was cheesy, totally predictable, the love interest was good looking and unwholesomely good, and the protagonist was your typical "real girl" who can catch a football and eats a lot yet is still a toothpick. Yet, I LOVED IT! It was so cute, and the nice guys got the girls, and it was just so cheesily good. Life should be more like teenie boppers.
I would love to live in a world where the nice girls always win and the dorky guys always get the pretty girls. Where school is all about the current drama and your grades just drift along in the background, and studying is just what you do to ignore the cute boy when he's expressing his undying love for you. And wouldn't it be awesome to have those "Cliques are bad, accept peoples differences" big moments in real life. I think it would be.
So there you have it; my guilty pleasure. I love teenie boppers. In the words of Sydney White; "My name is Elena, I watch teenie boppers. I am a dork!"
NOTE: Please also acknowledge that British pop is among my favourite music, I still read books for ages 9-12, I love mozzarella sticks and have always had a crush on Brian from the Backstreet Boys.