Monday, September 24, 2007

Eventually, They Will Learn

Tonight, I got home after leaving my little brother on his own for most of the evening. Now, something you have to understand is that my brother Peter has five older sisters, and therefore has seen every good chick flick that has come out in the past few years. With such an overwhelming majority to the girls, Peter has little say in what we watch, and he also has six mothers. Each sister in turn (and especially Janine and I) has taken it upon ourselves to try and make Peter into a nice boy someday, if only for the sake of his future wife. The poor kid has had so many lectures ending or beginning with; "When you are older, girls will love it when..."
So back to today. I came home, and no surprise, the tv was on downstairs. A fourteen year old boy on his own, what else would he do? I came downstairs, expecting to see something like Lord of the Rings or Ocean's Eleven, and stopped. Peter was watching Pride and Prejudice. By himself. Of his own free will. And then the really interesting thing is when I stared at him in surprise, and Peter turned to me and said enthusiastically; "I love this movie. Care to join me?" So I sat and watched Pride and Prejudice with my little brother.
The best part of it was how into it he was. Through the entire movie, we were discussing. The old version vs. the new, the historical accuracy, he even knew which parts are totally romantic, and, when Mr. Darcy is walking through the mist toward Lizzie, he exclaimed; "Quiet! I love this part!"
Petey, you are going to make an awesome husband.