Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My New Toys

I am writing this blog from school, on my brand new macBook! Or, at least, it's new to me. I bought it off Janine, or I will be, when I go to the bank and she deletes all her stuff on it, it will be completely mine. But still, hahaha! I am excited for to be lugging this very expensive piece of equipment around in my backpack.
I am not the most techno savvy person. I am not one of my father's children who gets excited whenever Apple comes out with some new software. I don't get excited my electonic equipment. Or at least I didn't until now.
In addition to my laptop, I also went out and bought another hugely expensive toy for the pourpose of my post secondary education; my camera.
Lots of people get digital cameras, in fact plenty of people find it odd that I did not possess one until now. I'll tell you what though, my camera is better than yours. (NOTE: The pror claim only applies to all my friends and relations except for Melissa, who probably has a pretty awesome camera, and anyone who has gotten a professional camera and NOT told me. Even, then, my camera might outrank yours) The camera I had to buy for my journalism program, and my future career, is the Canon Rebel TXi. For those of you who have no idea what that means, and your eyes merely just glazed over when you read my camera's name, it's one of those camera that has a huge on it like Jimmy in Lois and Clark. (Except, it's probably more advanced than his.) I've hardly used it yet, but I love just taking it out and playing with it. Holding it up and adjusting the lens, it makes me feel powerful.
I got my camera two and a half weeks ago. I would of blogged about it closer to the actual purchase but, I didn't. So, I will now rehash the entire adventure of buying a very expensive, cool looking camera.
I got home from school on Friday, at the end of my first week filled with adrenaliine. Classes were fun, I didn't have much work yet, I was happy. Then my dad; who had been watching the sales of my camera since I'd got in to my program- announced that my camera was on sale at Future Shop. I was enthralled, I wanted to run out and my camera IMMEDIATELY. But, my mom made me clean my room first. After a hasty clean up, I was ready to go and make the biggest purchase I had ever made. My mom asked to come, and though my dad really wanted to go along as well, he decided not to because he was doing smart things on his computer. Then my mom called my sister and told her to meet us there. The simple purchase was turning into a family event. But then, it was a farily important camera.
As we entered the camera section of Future Shop, we told the sales associate what we wanted and we shown from the side of the counter with the cute little silver cameras that normal people buy to the opposite end; which was covered with large, complicated looking cameras instead. I felt special already. They handed me my camera in a box, I examined every corner of the cardboard box in my excitement. Janine arrived while we were selecting the memory card and case, and she was equally impressed with the cardboard box.
After purchasing and wiping out my life savings, we headed home and I got to set my camera up! It was so exciting, i just walked around with my camera around my neck for most of the evening. Or at least until I went to the dance, I figured it wasn't fashionable enough for me to wear it there. Even so, I just keep on taking it out and looking at it. My dad keeps laughing. He's quite amused that his techno inept daughter is so in love with a camera.