Thursday, September 6, 2007

It's a Start

Today was the orientation for my degree program. I know, I know, no sense having it after we've already been in classes for two days, but what can I say? That's what they decided, and as a student, I just went along with it.
The exciting, or at least interesting thing is, that Ralph Klein was at my orientation. Yes, our former Premier was in attendance at my college orientation. He did have a reason though. You see, Ralph Klein is the chair of my program, or some money organization he's started. I don't understand the details yet, all I know is he's got an important title, and he's a teacher at my school. How awesome is that?
So, with King Ralph in attendance, naturally the media showed up to our student orientation. That was interesting in itself, seeing as we were all gawking at them thinking, "That's going to be us one day." Then, for me, it got even more interesting when I was walking past the CTV camera at break and the called out;
"We need a female!" Suddenly I found myself planted in front of the camera and being asked what I thought of this whole Ralph business. I gave some intelligent sounding answer, I don't remember exactly what but I was proud of it, and then I skipped off; enthralled.
All right, I know lots of people appear on TV all the time, and anyone can be picked for something little like that, but I never have before, and I was really excited. See, being interviewed by the media is entirely different when you yourself want to BE the media.
My orientation for journalism school and I'm already on the news. Not a bad way to start.