Thursday, July 5, 2007

Quilting Frenzies

As a right of passage in the Young family, all granddaughters must learn to quilt. Because, as grannie herself says, "Thr more you know how to do, the better a homemaker you'll be." So two summers ago, Mikyla and I went to Grannie's house and recieved the lesson, Quilting 101. Every week that whole summer we'd go over, making quilt blocks out of fabric that has been used in everything Grannie's ever made, and listening to CBC. Two years later I have 39 blocks, and am so close to being done it's exhilarating. And yes, and took me two years to get this far, when Grannie can make a quilt in a few weeks. My only excuse is she had to move to Edmonton so I wasn't able to quilt as often. And hey, I'm only learning my homemaking skills. I may be allowed in relief Society yet.

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