Wednesday, July 18, 2007

DECLARATION TO ALL: Elena is NOT going to read Harry Potter

Most people who know me, understand how I feel about the Harry Potter books. And in case you care, or are just bored enough to take the time, my rant on how stupid it the books are is explained, in full, on my facebook. So I shan't rant about that now. For the information of those who would try to make me think otherwise, or for those who actually care, I AM NOT READING THE SEVENTH BOOK! And I'm not seeing the movie either. On the 21st of July I will be venturing beyond my couch, and I will not pull an all nighter the day before to find out how many people have died. My only relation to that book will be bugging my HP fan friends just to distrupt them. (Well, actually, on the 21st I'll probably be moving boxes. What else do I do right now?) But back to the point, Elena will never, ever read Harry Potter again, and so stop trying to dissuade her.
As for my primary opponent in the fight against the accursed books, Mr. Trever Walton. (looks mischievious and drums together fingers evily) I look forward to when YOU finish the book, which will probably be at 3 in the morning. Then we can again discuss the "merits" and atrocities of this series in full force.


Jason said...


Since your "hearty" reaction to the fact that your sister and I had started the final book, I have wondered to myself just what has produced such a venomous, "Dursley-ish" response to a popular story. You wouldn't perchance be avoiding HP as an attempt to demonstrate a heightened will-power, hmm? Or is it that you're just mad because there was no way you could find a place in Neville Longbottom's heart? ;)

queenofthepierealm said...

Oh my goodness, Jason, how did you know? Of course Neville is the love of my life! (rolls eyes)