Monday, July 16, 2007

Grouting Myself Into a Corner

In light of the fact that we are moving in less then a week, our days have become full of odd little fix it jobs and minute details to finish off our new house. You would not believe all the details and decisions that go into building a house. Sheesh. But anyways, to save themselves from paying the home building company another ghastly sum, my parents hired me to paint sealer on all the grouting in our house. FYI- grouting is the cementlike stuff between tiles. This means that I must take a tiny paint brush and paint delicate lines between each and every tile found in our house. I am now in a love-hate relationship with tile. Here is what I have discovered in today's galavantings as a grout painter:
1. The saying "Don't paint yourself into a corner" actually has some merit. Especially when it is a small enclosed space like your parents shower where you have to curl up in a smaller and smaller ball until you're so compact you could be slipped in a handbag.
2. Tile on the ceiling, is never a good idea.
3. The fancy kind of tile, that is neither symetrical or lines up, is hazardous to your health.
4. The sides of the bath tub are not a good place to stand when you are reaching up to the tiles beyond your reach behind said tub.
5. A full wall of tile behind a stove is inefficient for a weak grout painter such as myself.
6. Leaving an open bottle of sticky, smelly grout sealer near your wandering feet is bad hygeine.
7. Fancy cupboards that have details on the bottom and yet still have tiles underneath is not a wise use of space and/or labour.
8. 793 songs is not sufficient entertainment for seven hours of tile painting.
9. If at all possible, when building a house, use a minimal amount of tile, because-
10. Afer a full day of craning my neck and painting diminutive surfaces, I still have to go back tomorrow and do it all again as a second coat.
Fun, fun in the world of grouting!

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Elena, you have soul!