Friday, August 24, 2007

Home Alone 4 (Or Wherever Hollywood Left Off)

As a kid the idea of being home alone was so appealing. A bit scary perhaps, but the unending freedom for however many hours is a luxury. In a big family, there is rarely any time when I am completely alone in the house, so the novelty lasted till this summer.
Last week, my parents had a condo in Kananaskis. My mom and my little brother were there all week, and my dad was going back and forth; coming to work in Calgary and then driving out to Canmore for the night. My older sister and I were on our own most nights, having fun cranking music and baking. The evenings with just the two of us included late nights, and talking endlessly into the early morning.
Then, last Thursday, my sister went to spend the night at another sister's, as she didn't have work the next day, and dad went out to Canmore again; I would be spending the evening alone. As horrible as it sounds, I was thrilled. Being home alone always makes one feel such an extraordinary freedom. You can dance around the kitchen with no sense of self-restraint, you can stay in your bath robe for hours, the possibilities are endless. In my enthusiasm, I ordered a small pizza, (and got the flavour I wanted without arguing with anyone) I gave myself a facial and a pedicure, (without my brother laughing at the peachy goo on my face) I mixed fancy drinks in our best goblets, and I rented a movie and two discs of "How I Met Your Mother." I didn't even have to agree with anyone on what I rented. Then I stayed up till 2 pampering myself in front of the TV. It was AWESOME.
On Friday, Neen went to Canmore, and I stayed cause I had plans with a friend. Those plans fell through. Looking around me, I tried to get enthused about another night alone. The only problem was, I'd done all the exciting things I wanted to the night before. And, my sister had taken the car, so I was trapped in my suburbia neighbourhood. I ate leftovers and went to bed really early.
Saturday I woke up early with a groan. My family was not due back until late afternoon. With nothing better to do, I spent the greater part of the day cleaning my room. I was so relieved when they came home, and that night, Kylie came over because I was in such desperate need of human interaction.
So, here I am a week later. Home alone AGAIN. My entertainment has been reduced to whining on my blog.
Being home alone is all well and good, but one mus take it in small doses. The fun wears off after the first day or so.