Sunday, August 26, 2007

Calgary's "Unique" Radio Landscape

Living in such a suburban place as Tuscany, one can be expected to drive most places. Not only are the bus connections horrible, but there really isn't anything interesting to do within walking distance. So as I drive to work, or school, or wherever, I get to listen to the radio a lot. Sometimes I listen to my iPod or a CD, but most often I forget my iPod and my car is a snob who only plays store bought CD's. So, most often, Calgary radio is my only alternative to listening to the sound of my engine. I don't really like the radio, but today my dislike of radio is hitting me full force, so I will blog about it.
1. I really don't like radio DJ's. The all have the same whiny, full of themselves voices, and the jokes they tell, or their arguments always sound so staged. It's like cheap theatre, and you can't even make yourself feel better by looking at their colourful outfits.
2. Radio commercials are always ridiculously corny. Most likely this is because there is only so much you can do without visual, but seriously, they're all ridiculous.
3. All radio stations, no matter what type of music they play, has a little peppy recording of their name to powertales music. Every time I hear that singalong chorus going; "Lite 96!" Or "Today's best music.......Vibe! 98! 5!" I can see the jazz hands going and I want to retch.
4. I have this theory that all radio stations are in a conspiracy to all suck at the same time. It always seems that I'm flipping stations, looking for something mildly good, and finding nothing. Or, I'm flipping stations and hearing half a good song, half a good song, etc. So I get angry at myself for missing the whole song. They're either all good or all lame at the same time.
5. The main reason I hate the radio is because all the stations are exactly the same. Once, I was stuck in my car waiting for someone for two hours.(long story, maybe some other time) While I was waiting, listening to the radio, I heard the same song 5 times, on 5 different stations. And when Gwen Stefani was coming to Calgary, quess who was playing on every station? All these stations that claim to be so unique. Why, yes. They were all playing Sweet Escape. Over, and over again. Silliness.