Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Dessert Monarchy

Some of you may be wondering about my username. Why on earth would I name myself the Queen of the Pie Realm? Granted, I have already declared myself to be a lover of pie, but what really makes me the queen? I crowned myself, or at least, me and my friend Kylie. When my unhealthy infatuation with pie reached it's pinnacle, (about grade 11) Kylie and I proclaimed ourselves the queens of our favourite desserts. She is Queen of the Ice Cream Realm, and I am of course, Queen of the Pie Realm.
The monarchy of desserts spread after a debate between my sister I over the merits of cake vs. pie. The argument was unresolved, but the one conclusion we did reach was that Janine, will hereby be known as the Queen of the Cake Realm.
Tonight my friend Becky had myself, Kylie, and Janine over for dessert. She had made the most amazing fudge sauce I had ever tasted, and the plan was that we would eat it with vanilla ice cream and various other sweet delicacies. Upon our arrival however, Becky tempted me with a piece of pumpkin pie. Her aunt had given her two pieces, one for her and one for her husband, and Becky does not like pie, so she offered it to me. Then she led us all to her dessert bar. Our jaws dropped and a spot of drool may have landed on the kitchen floor.
To accompany our ice cream, or pie, Becky had provided us with everything you could ever want to decorate your dessert. The famous fudge sauce, carmel sauce, smarties, rees's pieces (which surprisingly taste quite good on pumpkin pie) cool whip, coconut, pineapples, little crunched up bits of toffee, EVERYTHING.
Quite by accident, I gushed; "Becky, you are the queen of desserts."
I caught Kylie's eye, and we both squealed in excitement. Right then and there we crowned Becky the Empress over all Desserts. So there it stands; the Dessert Monarchy.
NOTE: Please notice that the Dessert Monarchy is entirely made up of women.