Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Adventure of Reese the Sandwich

Once upon a time there was a sandwich. His name was Reese, because he was made up of creamy peanut butter, and nutella. The children all loved Reese, to the point that everyday at lunch time, the children would beg their nanny if they could eat him. Oh how those children loved that sandwich. With his 60% whole wheat bread, and his overly sweet mixture of peanut butter and nutella. The inside of Reese was the greatest, and the children would sometimes scrape out his insides and eat it alone when the nanny wasn't looking. Or at least, when they thought she wasn't.
Reese loved the children, and he wished that they would eat him everyday. Every afternoon he would wave his nutella-ness temptingly in the nanny's face, willing her to spread him all over 60% whole wheat bread. But the nanny was an adult, and therefore a cruel soul. She believed that poor Reese was unhealthy for the children, and instead of letting the children eat Reese everyday, she would make them eat the mean foods such as Carrot, Spaghetti, and Grilled Cheese. Reese wept as he watched his dear friends suffer through lunch with his arch nemesis, the Carrot. He cringed in horror while the nanny insisted that the boys finish all of Chicken Noodle Soup, but when the nanny made Whole Wheat Pasta, Reese knew that something must be done. It was too much. Reese could not allow his poor friends to suffer in silence. One lone night as he sat in his dark cupboard, he began to formulate a plan.
The next morning, when the nanny opened the cupboards in search of more nasty, healthy foods, the nutella sprung out at her, falling with a thud on the counter. The 60% whole wheat bread was placed strategically on the counter, and the creamy peanut butter was in plain sight. All the nanny had to do was put the three together, and Reese could be with his friends again. To add to his plan, he even had one of his friends ask in their most adorable voice,
"Can we have Reese for lunch today?"
But try as Reese and his friends might, the nanny was a coldhearted adult, and ignoring the ingredients in front of her, she closed the cupboard.
"No, we cannot have Reese for lunch today. We will have Grilled Cheese."
As the children and the nanny ate Grilled Cheese, Reese watched in despair. It was obvious that the nanny was an evil woman, and so long as she was around, Reese would never play with his friends again. Bitterly, he curled up in his cupboard and wept.