Thursday, October 25, 2007

Arrivederci TV Links

I have no channels. And by that I don't mean I have peasant vision. I mean no channels. Period.
We are not just peasants. We are homeless vagebonds in the world of TV.
You see, to have peasant vision, you have to have an antenae, and we don't. So to get one measly, fuzzy channel, you have to do a dance with a piece of tin foil on a chord. And even then , the picture isn't that good. Plus, your likely standing behind the TV with your hands in the air, or in the middle of the room on one foot cause that tin foil thing is so picky about where it has to be to get reception. And it always chooses the oddest places.
So we don't watch TV. Call me crazy but the whole enjoyment is taken away when you have to watch while standing on your tiptoes.
For the longest time, I didn't watch TV shows unless I was at friends houses, and then I didn't really like it cause I was behind the times. So I avoided even that.
Then I discovered shows on DVD. Introduced to me by my sister Jaima with Lost, I began watching previous seasons of shows, and feeling slightly in the TV loop. Plus I figured DVD was the way to watch shows, cause I could watch as mush or as little whenever I wanted.
But I was still behind the times. I'd watch an entire season in a few days, and then be waiting with baited breath for a year until the next season was released on DVD.
Then my sister Janine introduced me to TV Links. FYI- TV Links is a website that has shows available online to watch. I was hooked! How awesome was it that I could watch shows without going to rent them? Or waiting for them to come out on DVD? For the first time in my life, I was regularly following shows every week. I had three that I loved; Heroes, the Office, and How I Met Your Mother.
Then, a trajedy occurred; TV Links was shut down. Apparently something they did was illegal, and they vanished.
Okay, so maybe it was an illegal website, but I was still devastated. My world of TV shows, gone.
So this blog is dedicated in loving memory of TV Links. Yeah, you were illegal, but you were a friend to me in the world of TV.