Friday, October 12, 2007

All I Want to do is Sit and Write English Papers

The thing about journalism is that they ignore all the rules. Paragraphs must be kept to one or two sentences so readers don't see a really long paragraph and flip to the next page. And you have to be way more direct, and weird analogies and/or wordiness is frowned upon.
I got into journalism because I love to write. I was the dream English student in high school because I wrote assignments for fun. Even now in my Children's Lit. class (which is my favourite) I cannot wait to do my assignments because I think they're all so fun.
I'm not saying I want to switch majors. I like journalism, but if I could do anything I wanted for my career, anything at all, I would sit in a hole and write English papers. All day.


smiley said...

You say that now. Wait till the day you have 4 english classes... That's my next semester... oh boy!

queenofthepierealm said...

I would still love it. I'm good at english.

smiley said...

I suppose love is deeper than like. I'll have to remind myself while I am writing those eight or so english essays all in one semester that I too, love english. :) It is a fabulous subject. In fact I am currently writing an essay proposal. Yay!

Mikyla Berlin Young said...

"smiley" has a point. It's harder to love them when you have five papers due at start running out of time and getting stressed out. And I love English. I eat and breathe english, and writing.
I still love it...but it does get a bit hectic.

Anonymous said...