Sunday, November 4, 2012

Let Us Give You a Clue

I have two roommates, one part-time roommate, and one adopted roommate. Part-Time Roommate lives around the corner and has our spare key. Adopted Roommate lives a ten minute walk away. Mik took in Part-Time Roommate when they realized they are basically the same person (and we needed a new spare key person) and I declared we were adopting our other extra when I decided that if I could have a little sister, I would choose Adopted Roommate.

As a result, both these girls have become part of our away-from-home family. They show up spontaneously, stay up all night talking with us, and are involved in some of our greatest adventures.

In August (before we adopted Adopted Roommate) Mik and Part-Time Roommate had the idea that they wanted to do a group costume for Halloween. We were discussing this on an IKEA trip with the our other roommate (the one who actually lives at our house for real) whom we will call the Serenader (more on that story later).

Part-Time Roommate and Mik discussed possibilities of what we should do as we stepped into the elevator. I thought of my favourite group costume, which my sister and her family did a number of years ago, and suggested we do the same thing. Everyone instantly liked the idea, and after recruiting the necessary guy friends and a few trips to Value Village, we arrived at the church Halloween dance like this:

Still no guesses? Let me give you a Clue; it was Miss Scarlett, in the church gym with the wrench. From left to right we have Mrs Peacock, Professor Plum, Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mr Green Mrs White and in front, Serenader came as our murder victim, Mrs Body.

We ran around the whole night accusing each other of murder, it was great fun. Yet another reason to love Halloween!


lindakredd said...

This is wonderful, Elena!

Kylie Groft said...

Your costumes are completely amazing!!