Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Parting Gifts

I work for two lawyers. We will call them Boss Man A and Boss Man Z. Working for both makes me very happy, except for three weeks ago, when Boss Man A announced he was moving to another city and leaving. I was happy for him, but sad for me.

Last week was Boss Man A's last at our firm. He spent his last morning going through his office packing up personal belongings, sending the few possessions that actually belonged to others to their respective owners, and then figuring out to do with all the other stuff. As his assistant, I was the lucky recipient of many of his cast offs.

Boss Man A kept coming out of his office and saying things like:

"I got you a present. Have some extra Sign Here stickers. I hope you like them."

"I know I shouldn't have, but here are some notebooks."

"Okay, now I'm overdoing it, but have some envelopes. Don't you feel special?"

You can tell that Boss Man A and I are a good team because we both thought this exchange was hilarious. I responded with equal enthusiasm to all his extravagant presents and pretended to be incredibly flattered by the fact he gave me a stack of half used notepaper and more tabs than I will ever need.

A little later, I got up and used the photocopier, which is right next to my desk. While there, I looked up to see Boss Man A practically nose diving onto my desk. My cubicle has this little countertop that I call my takeout window. Both Boss Man A and Z like to dive over it when they need to steal a pen. However, it made absolutely no sense for A to be doing so on a day he was giving his stationary away. Then I noticed he was placing something on my desk.  It was green, and looked quite delicate because he was carefully trying to balance it as he set it next to my computer.

I walked over. He looked up and grinned. His only response this time was:

BMA: "It's cardboard. I can't pack it."

Me: "You got me a dragon? Awesome. Is there a story behind it?"

BMA: "No."

Me: "There is now."

BMA: "Well there you go. Enjoy."

Isn't it cute? I will have to name him. Coincidentally, I own the following erasers that already occupy my desk:

All I need now is some of those plastic swords they use to hold together sandwiches and I can create fairytale or cool girl power scenes.

Thank you Boss Man A! Such a good parting gift.

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