Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Weekend of E and T

The Sweethearts Dance was just over a week ago. The Sunday before, there was a pitiful number of guys who had actually gotten around to inviting someone, even worse than usual due to hardly any advertising, and some girls were getting antsy.

It was under these circumstances that the girls of the Foothills Ward Choir gathered together before the tenors and basses arrived for rehearsal to comment on how disappointed they were in the lack of boys planning ahead. Of course, they were all careful to say, "Not that I really mind, I don't care if I go to Sweethearts," when everyone knew they really did care whether or not they went.

However, the girls of FWC are, if nothing else, good at preparing for the worst, and decided during this whinefest that instead of going to Sweethearts, they would honour an old girlpower tradition and celebrate passover.

No, they are not converting to Judaism, this passover has nothing in common with the real one other than the name. Our passover is a celebration of all the girls who have been passed over for Sweethearts, and how they don't need dates to feel complete, although that would certainly help. This particular passover party would honour another scorned women tradition by the consumption of large quantities of chocolate in the shape of fondue. So it was with merry hearts (and the provision that they all may cancel based on the behaviour of certain boys) that these girls made plans for Friday night.

Friday night rolled around, and we all went to passover. Good times were had, chocolate and hot cheese were consumed, a raucous game of charades was played, and girl power music was pumped through the house. I also had a great visit with one or two of the girls I am closer with on boys we may or may not be interested in, depending on if they ask us out or not. I left at the end of the evening feeling happy and high on estrogen.

Saturday afternoon, I got a text from my friend Robin, you know the one who always comes to all our parties, no matter how pathetic they are. He was trying to get a group of people together to play lasertag that night, and even offered to pick me up. Before my older sisters can start asking questions, NO. This was NOT a date. I payed for myself, we were not paired off, and it wasn't even really planned in advance. He just gave me a ride.

However, after Robin picked me up, I discovered that "group of people" had a new meaning; me, Robin, and our friend McKay. Plus there were supposed to be more guys, but they cancelled. I was the only girl who had planned to come. As if that wasn't enough testosterone, a bachelor party was also present at laserquest. So the night after my girl power passover party, I found myself out with two guy friends shooting guns with more guys celebrating being male. How interesting.

On the way home the guys talked about guns and quading, and then when they realized that there was, in fact, a female in the car, jokingly started talking about Barbies.

Most people in their twenties like to have a healthy mixture of testosterone and estrogen at their social gatherings, especially if they are in the Mormon YSA scene. I on the other hand, apparently keep them divided by having girls night on Friday, and tagging along to guys night Saturday.

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You are officially the AWESOME!