Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Something Funny

I was riding the train to work this morning when I looked up, and laughed. Over my head, among the usual adds for community colleges and identity theft, was an ad that read "Agnostic Gospel Choir Concert."

Is it me or does that seem like a play on words? Aren't agnostics supposed to be undecided as to whether there is a god or not? What is the gospel of agnostics, and more importantly, what does their gospel choir sing about?

All day I've had this thought metriculating at the back of my mind while I imagine what sort of songs an agnostic gospel choir would sing.

Praise be to the all powerful thing we are not even sure is there!
We don't know what you are are but save us from sin that we don't know exists!
We don't know, know, know, oh we don't know!
Hallelujah! That is, if there are angels.

All right, clearly I should not be in an agnostic gospel choir, but seriously, what do they sing about? I'm challenging everyone who reads this blog to try writing an agnostic hymn. Winner gets to lead their own imaginary choir.


Zoey said...

haha, could this have been Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir? Local band:

I think they played at last Folk Festival and will play at this one likely.

Also, sorry I haven't been able to hook you up with a cookbook yet. In the meantime, there are lots of vegetarian blogs out there that could probably give you some insight!

Janine said...

Oh, supreme gender-neutral being:
We do not know (or really care)
If you happen to be there
We're not sure if you think of us
Or if you're a stranger on a bus
Like in that one awesome song.

I guess there's a possibility...
That someone could be there
But I don't really know (or care)
Agnosticism is (or isn't?) my way
When I want (or not?) to say
That I don't care what comes...

Praises be to undecidedness!!!
Alleleuia!!! Oh glory be to the unknown!!!

Janine said...

I'm taking auditions for my imaginary choir as we speak.

Janine said...

Boo yeah!

Katey said...

I'll be in the alto section. But then, would the Agnostics consider me as one of their own? Would they still let me sing in the choir if I actually have a testimony when it comes to God?