Thursday, May 21, 2009

Writing Beyond the Blogoshpere

Blogging is great, it gives me a chance to write, to express myself, and most of all, feel like I have an audience to what I have to say.

But if you haven't noticed from the fact that I go to professional writing school, I want to write to more people then my sisters and blogging classmates. At school, The Calgary Journal gives us a taste of that, but I never post anything I write there here because, well, it's not a big accomplishment. I did my class assignment, and just happens to be in newsprint, what's so special about that? Sorry Terry.

Now, I'm on my internship. I work for a real publication, even if no one has ever heard of it, including me before I applied there. For some reason Where seems like slightly more of an accomplishment then The Journal.

My first story was just posted online yesterday. For those who want to know how I write when I have editors reading my work and must sound professional, click here. Or, better yet, just call me, and we can relive this story. I am all for reliving this research over, and over again.


isaacsmum said...

Very impressive Elena! That research must have beeen a real slog!

Janine said...

wow. My mouth is watering. Anyone want to go for ice cream?

MikeTheSaint said...

For those of us too far away to sample the ice cream, it was a disappointing article. :-) But congratulations on your first. I'm sure there will be many more to come. You are in a talented family!

From a distant cousin. Your great grandmother, Ethel Marie Hansen, is my grand aunt. Her sister Mary Leota Hansen is my grandmother.

Katey said...

Hmmm, add these ice cream parlors to my next Calgary trip itinerary. I'm guessing that somebody had fun researching this article!