Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Killing Time is Easy With Babies

I got a lot of wonderful tips on how to spend my twice-as-long lunch hours. Ironically it seems, as soon as I have all these ideas of what to do during that hour in Kensington, I'm preoccupied.

Last week, my friend Colleen came to visit me during lunch. We went to The Yardhouse for lunch and then she wandered around Kensington some more while I went back to work. Plus she didn't even spend that much money at the card store. Relatively speaking.

The next day we had a birthday party at lunch for one of my co-workers. Not only was it something to do, it was an even longer lunch hour! Plus the publisher from Canadian Rockies bought everyone Crave cupcakes. Cupcake runs are common in this office.

See, here's the thing; when you work in Kensington, everyone wants to visit you, and parties are never dull.

The very best venture with other people was yesterday, when my sister Jaima and her three kids came to visit.

They met me for lunch, or at least, lunch break. Jaima was actually excited to shop in Kensington before she met Emily at Heritage Park, and seeing as they were staying in a hotel, and had had a huge breakfast buffet, they weren't hungry. So the Fixsens and I wandered around Kensington. Blake was wearing a new sweatshirt with puppets that attached onto the sleeves, and has greatly enjoying showing off his monkey and giraffe. I carried Teddy around in a sling cause I wanted to hold him but didn't want my arms to get tired. Eventually he got sick of being so snug and began arching his back so I really did have to hold him to prevent him from falling out. Not like I minded. And then there was Ivy. Going on about her trip to New York with her mom, where the thing she was most excited to see was American Girl Place.

We were wandering around in Purr trying on hats and marveling at the discovery of Marimekko in Canada when I looked at the time. Ten after twelve? I really only had another twenty minutes? Where did the time go?

After Jaima bought a hat to hide her hair that was not flat ironed but still looked fine, we crossed the street to Jugo Juice where I bought lunch and the kids decided that they were definitely still hungry and polished off most of my mango smoothie. Then, I really did have to go to work.

So, if friends are in Kensington on a weekday, call me, and you can occupy my next long lunch hour.


Katey said...

Sounds great to me, I haven't explored Kennsington in years. I moght have to use that as my next excuse to come to Calgary.

reddmummy said...

Thanks so much for meeting us! It was so fun! I love my hat, and I appreciate you helping me shepherd around my little hooligans!