Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tuscany Parents Are the New Fanatics

Sometimes I marvel at how much parenting has changed since I was a kid. So many of the people in my neighbourhood appear to be way more intense then my parents ever were. Today, I saw something to do with this that really made me laugh.

I was driving my brother to a friends house where he's staying for the week while my parents are in Europe. On our way there we passed the Tuscany Elementary School, a hot spot in this neighbourhood. I never like to drive past there at 8 am or 3 pm cause it moves so slowly.

You can imagine my surprise when the area was busy at ten to seven. My brother and I drove past, staring at the parents and children running every which way on the school's front yard. Was there some kind of school barbeque? No, they weren't eating. They were all just standing around.

As we turned the corner around the school, we realized these parents were lined up, waiting to go in the front door of the school. Was Tuscany Elementary selling Metallica tickets or something?

On the way home, my curiosity really got the better of me. I pulled over and asked the nearest parent what was going on. His answer surprised me;

"It's parent-teacher interviews tonight."

The were lining up around the block, basically camping out in front of the school to talk to their children's elementary teachers. Now I have stood in ridiculous, camping out line before. But that was for Lululemon, not talking to a teacher.

Who knew children's education could become such a passionate hobby?


Katey said...

Those kind of parents drive me nuts. It's totaly a prestige thing;churning out a wunderkind of a child, and a peer status as well. Who can be the best parent around? That's what comes from yuppies having the one or two "hobby child" where they have to control and be involved with every aspect of the child's life. Nothing but the very best is good enough for the little darlings, and it usually leads to a new batch of spoiled, selfish brats who feel enttiled to everything.

Kayjer said...

That's crazy! Oh my goodness! Too funny. I don't know if I could ever be that kind of parent ...

reddmummy said...

I don't know if you should be blaming the parents- why should they have to wait in line to speak to the teacher. Is the school that much of a closed environment that concerned parents have to queue up around the block for a chance to have some face time with a teacher- their partner in educating their children. Fortunately I've never endured anything so absurd. "Parent-teacher night at Ivy's school is "Celebration of Learning" where your child gives you a tour of the class and shows you their recent work. The teacher gives you an "itinerary" with suggested questions to ask your child and is on hand to answer questions. If parents want to meet privately with the teacher, they request a conference- and anytime I've wanted to talk to a teacher they are eager and willing to meet with me and hear what I have to say. I love our little neighbourhood school and am so glad that we don't have one of those massive, crazy institutions like they have out in the 'burbs.

Anonymous said...