Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Motorcycles Are Out!

I think I'm way too urban, but I guess that comes with living your whole life in the city.

The weather has been beautiful in Calgary. At least, this week. Unlike last week when it was snowing most every night, right now it's sunny and gorgeous outside, the birds are singing, the grass is visible (although it's that lovely shade of brown) and it looks like spring is on the way... for now.

I remember when I was a kid, and my family used to go walking along the bluffs over the Bow River. My mom would always get so excited when April, May or sometimes June would hit, and she'd walk down the bluffs to discover the crocuses were out. In fact I remember one of my sisters coming home once and announcing that piece of news to the entire family. We may have gone out to look at them right away.

Now I am grown and somewhat mature, but I still get giddy at the idea of spring. Yesterday, when I was leaving school, I was getting especially excited. I'd had a great day, things were looking up, and I was fairly dancing as I walked out to my car with Adrianna. Then, as we reached my parking lot in outer Mongolia, I exclaimed;

"The motorcycles are out!"

Adi just looked at me. Which is really unfair because she has known me since I was five, and should know that I frequently say completely ridiculous things.

Still, it's very sad that I have transgressed from little purple flowers to guys wrecking havoc in the Mount Royal parking lot as a sign of spring.


Kylie Groft said...

Oh Elena! heeheehee! You need to spend some time on a farm! :D

reddy said...

And you need to spend some time blogging. Hint, hint.

Katey said...

Up here it's not motorcycles-everyone has got out their dirtbikes and quads, but it is definently a sign of spring. I know what you mean about the crocises though, I miss them every spring (which helps explain why I'm currently knitting that purple spring cardigan-it reminds me of them, plus the lilacs around Redd Leaf).

somebody said...