Sunday, December 23, 2007

Student Living

It's a well accepted fact that students are poor. It's well accepted that generally, students have no money ever. Several business's have even been obliging enough to set up discounts for these stress freaks that make no money.
I am the luckiest kind of student because I still live with my parents. I make hardly any money, spend ridiculous amounts on textbooks and the like, yet I still remain solvent because I don't have to buy groceries.
That however, doesn't keep me from cooking. I enjoy cooking, so when I have the time, I make dinner. This very Friday, my friend Kylie and I were going to Sobey's to gather ingredients for such an occasion. It was while we were picking out apples and arguing over the best type of dinner rolls that we noticed the curious little tables set up with various delicacies.
Yes, my friends. Grocery store samples. On the surface they are meant to be a marketing ploy to get people eating new products, but really they are meant to fill the empty bellies of hungry students.
And that's exactly what we did. It was a good day for samples. We had salmon, cereal, a whole slice of pizza each, ice cream, fancy chees and crackers, the works! We ate an entire meal for free from the good will and/or marketing ploys of Sobey's.
So my dear fellow students, if you're hungry, and your cupboards are bare, try walking around the grocery store. You'd be surprised how filling it can be.
NOTE: When Sobey's is hoarding, I recommend Costco.