Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Dorky Girl in the Corner

I'm at school right now. Where else am I ever? Anyway, I'm supposed to be studying for my Children's Lit. final which is at 7 tonight. Yes, my exam schedule is just that lame.
So here I am, on the couch in the Comm Centre (which is basically where I live), and along comes a guy pushing a cart full of cakes. Strange. And to say that anything is strange in the Comm Centre is saying something, cause all kinds of crazy things happen.
But, I mind my own business and get back to Dr. Seuss. It's just Bridge Brand cake anyway. Than people start arriving. Not unusual for the Comm Centre, but instead of pulling out their textbooks, or falling asleep on the couch, or crying in despair at the overwhelming amount of assignments they have (as people often do in the Comm Centre), they're completely relaxed. Walking around, chatting, introducing their boyfriends to people. OUTSIDERS IN THE COMM CENTRE? WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?
It's when one of the instructors starts hooking up a giant set of speakers that I figure out what's going on: the E-Pubs are having a party. Apparently they're starting a magazine. Or something.
By the time the music starts, and the cake is being circulated, I am feeling increasingly dorky. All around me, people are visiting, and being at a party, and I'm reviewing my notes for English. Choosing my only escape. I flee to the Resource and Archive Room.
The only problem with the archive room is it's got glass doors. So it's not a very good hideout. So while I continue to study, E-pubs walk by with their cake and stare at me like a peculiar kind of monkey in the zoo. The nerdiest of monkies: the kind that studies during a party.
You know how at parties there's always that girl sitting in the corner reading a book or flipping through and old magazine because she feels awkward and wants to look occupied, but secretly wishing she was out of sight so people would stop staring at her? Today, that's me.