Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Corner Office

I'm moving up in the world. Or at least, in the world of my part-time job which I do so I can graduate without a mountain of debt. A hill I will have, but not a mountain.

A month ago, my manager informed me she wanted to train me for a position that is slightly higher in the ranks than the one I currently possess. I was deemed qualified for this position not because of my awesome work ethic and drive, but because at the time I was the only employee who was not quitting.

Training for said position at work while being in school has proven stressful. I wondered why I was doing this to myself; until yesterday, when I started to see the perks. I was informed when I arrived at work that with the new staff that has come in, among other things, we would be shuffling arround offices. I was informed that I would be moving from my office in the tiny far corner to another, which is better for the following reasons:

1. It is a tiny bit bigger.
2. I do not have to walk through someone else's office to get there.
3. It is closer to pretty much everything.
4. The master radio is in it.
5. The back door is in it, so I can have an escape route.
6. The walls surrounding it are not the walls to someone else's office; so I can hang the sign designating it as my office somewhere other than right over my desk.

And the best reason of all:

7. There is a window.

It is a small window, the glass is frosted, and it looks into the back alley, but it lets in natural light. I was so excited I showed it off to all my clients yesterday. Yes, it is not that monumental a change from my old office, but is the only one that lets in sunlight.

I will try to control my excitement around my co-workers.


Mary said...

Hi - I was just checking out blogs for the 1st time in relation to a blogging class I just started. I'm going to be 78 years old soon and still working. I had to laugh reading your office experience. Been a glorified secretary all my life - no opportunity to go to college back in the 50's - too expensive. I relate to your comments - seen a lot in my years of office work. Small offices with no windows did appear in my life at one time. Keep on truckin' and good luck in your future career. Mary B.

Money and Moni said...

Hey Elena!!! That's exciting! Where are you working!?

Just Plain Tired said...

So now you have a room/office with a view. :)

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