Monday, August 16, 2010

A Family Portrait: The Sequel

While on vacation in July, my mother decided she wanted to take a family picture. This is a good idea because everyone is present and we are surrounded by beautiful scenery. This is a bad idea because:

a) We are all in relaxed/frumpy beach mode.
b) We are all staring into the bright sunlight.
c) Keeping seven children attentive and happy looking for multiple pictures is no one's idea of fun.
d) Keeping eleven adults happy and celestial-looking is an equal challenge.

Nevertheless, we persevered with Mom's plan. Here are a few of our attempts:

Brigham couldn't see in the sun, Ben was trying not to cry, and Isaac decided his toy boat was more worth seeing than his face.

We are all distracted by Edward's bid for freedom.

And now for my personal favourite. This is how we really feel about family:

I think this is the perfect candidate to go up in my dad's office when he wants to show off his darling children. I know I will be showing it off to my clients.

1 comment:

Katey said...

Hey, I thought it was part of our sisterly duty to keep Pete humble and in line. That one is definently my favourte picture!