Thursday, March 18, 2010

You Know You're Stalling When . . .

I'm supposed to be writing a research paper right now. For some reason, I do not want to write the actual body of said paper. Here is how I can tell:

1. I am contemplating spell-checking what I have so I can stop seeing "Viollet-le-Duc" underlined in red.
2. I save after every sentence to take up more time.
3. I think it sounds more fun to triple check every coma and and period in my bibliography.
4. Ditto footnotes.
5. I have read what I have ten times now.
6. I keep going back and changing out different invisible words, like the, and, it, etc.
7. I have started assigning meaning to the obscure stone sculptures outside the library window.
8. I keep on adding meaningless notes to my outline, then crossing them out, then writing more, and repeating.
9.My main train of thought is, and has been for an hour, on lunch, not structural rationalism.
10. I keep playing with my phone as if I'm expecting a call, even though when it does vibrate it usually goes skittering all over the place and falls off my chair.
11. I am writing a blog rather than a paper.

You would think I was stuck research paper-wise, but I actually have perfect clarity. Seeing as both my professors have extended their deadlines I have lost that awesome drive I had on Monday, abandoned my paper writing schedule (which would have had me finish yesterday at noon), and am now stalling my almost done paper. This is what happens when you work your tail off for two days straight and then get free hand outs. Curses.


Eileen Young said...

Don't let your mind wander.
Assignments handed in on time merit good grades.
Hang in there - you will not be a student forever.

Katey said...

You need help. Grit your teeth, finish the darn thing and then go do something silly or frivolous (preferably both).