Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm a Fairytale Princess . . . Quite Literally

This past November when I returned from my trip to Provo, I walked into my room and found an unexpected surprise; my bed had grown one full mattress. Supposing this to be a mistake, I called up the stairs to my Mom and asked why my bed had grown taller in the past five days. Her answer was that the extra mattress had needed to be put in storage, seeing as it had no box spring, and, as there was no space in the furnace room, the place my parents had allotted for stowing it was my bed.

I was a trifle surprised, but thought it would be fun. It may even be more comfortable, despite the fact my bed was now taller then my desk.
Then I went to sleep.

At some unseemly hour of the morning I woke up with the sensation that I was floating. As I came back to the world, I realized this was not entirely due to dreams but rather, because the top mattress had shifted to hang precariously off the edge of the other. Apparently that glossy fabric they cover mattresses with isn't too stable when it's rubbing against itself.

Since then I have kept a chair right next to my bed to prevent it from sliding. It also serves as a stepping stool as I'm too short to sit on my bed without having to jump up onto it. Most mornings, evenings, and other times when I feel like sitting on my bed, I come at a bit of a run so I can get up on it. I never do this when others are around though, my bed is funny enough as it is, and even by myself, my messy room provides many hazards, so yes, I climb a chair to get onto my bed.

Every little girl dreams of being a fairytale princess. I am one; the Princess and the Pea. Although, if you were to ask me, she slept so fitfully not because of the pea, but because of the shifting mattress. That, or the sheer inconvenience of not being able to flop down on your bed.

PS - Please do not leave any frozen, dried or fresh vegetables under my mattresses.


Mikyla Berlin Young said...

aawww, that's what I wanted to do when I got to Calgary :P Spoil sport.

Kylie Groft said...

tempting... VERY tempting...

Katey said...

Just wait Princess, you know that sooner or later I will be sneaking some sort of lentil under there! I still say you should get a vaulting pole to help launch yourself into bed too.